Alberto Cottica | Concept and direction
An Edgeryders co-founder and Research director, former professional musician and economist turned network scientist, Alberto is ultimately a deep thinker. The Sci-Fi Economics Lab wasn't a thing before he came up with this idea, and he now guides how it becomes an actual event.
Ilaria Brambilla | Project manager
A cognitive geographer, author and journalist, Ilaria is an expert on circular economy. Mainly based in Italy, she steers the organization of the event, gets the Edgeryders workstyle and keeps the team focused and organized. After a month in Brussels with us, her money quote is 'Being autonomous doesn’t have to mean being let alone: on the contrary, in Edgeryders means to be free.'
Augusto Pirovano | Communication strategist
Irene Ingardi | Events manager
Matthias Ansorg | Technical lead
Co-founder of Edgeryders, software engineer and year-round #vanlifer in a converted 4x4 1976 firefighter truck. He also writes EarthOS, a work of science-fiction camouflaged as a BOM for an open source ecological civilization.